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Move Over Driving Directions

The other day (err, last week) I was looking for directions for a wedding. I found something VERY cool on Google maps. At first glance, it’s a typical “Point A to Point B” sort of driving directions. However … if … Continue reading

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Social networking is currently the craze. While there are probably some great hindrances, there are also some great benefits. One item that came out of the social-networking hype is a web site called, or as I call it, Delicious … … Continue reading

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For those of you that read my blog on ‘Launchy’ (May 29th), I discovered an equally cool application for Macs … you guessed it. It’s called Quicksilver. This is still one of the coolest apps that I’ve come across. … Continue reading

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Your Anywhere Calendar

I was never good at following calendars and appointments. I found that I was really good at booking things, but really bad at checking to see if I had anything booked for the day. I’ve gotten much better. There are … Continue reading

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"Key" Windows Shortcuts

If you find that you multi-task quite frequently, you’ve probably also noticed that switching from the mouse to the keyboard and back to the mouse can be fairly time consuming. My computer skills go back to the ‘MS-DOS’ days, so … Continue reading

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Maps and Drives

Basically, I have 3 personally machines here. Ever since the HP started going retarded on me (sorry Ginny =p), I’ve had to rely on the home network a little more than before. With that, I bring you the genius of … Continue reading

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Portable Apps

If you read my previous blog, here’s another one that I found prior to … – GENIUS! I have a few businesses on the side. I usually travel with my laptop, but sometimes I don’t. With portable apps, you … Continue reading

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While reading the May issue of PC World, I came across a great little App called ‘Launchy’ which you can find and download here: Launchy is like a desktop search … only much, much better. I suspect that it’s … Continue reading

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The Genius of a Briefcase

With the tech-difficulties I’ve had recently, I’m finally starting to take backing up files a little more seriously. As a freelancer, certain things just cannot get lost. So I introduce you to the magic of briefcase. It’s probably one of … Continue reading

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The Browser Refresh

This isn’t something that many people will ever need to use, but it’s a good thing to know nonetheless. This was a particularly annoying problem back in the day … it’s mostly gone by the way-side, but you never know. … Continue reading

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