TripIt Integration

I stumbled across the web site a few months ago but never really gave it a try. This evening I decided to give it a whirl one more time … especially since it now has the iPhone app to go along with it.

The thing that really wins this service over (aside from being free) are a couple of MAJOR key points. For starters, integration is painstakingly easy … if the service were actually an operating system, it would be a Mac (awwww). Seriously though, it’s great (granted, I’ve been using it less than a day).

01. Easy to add itineraries.
02. Google Calendar Integration
03. Extras

Assuming that you’ve already created your account with TripIt, the next time you book your trip with your favorite online entity (I personally like Expedia), forward your confirmation itinerary to It’s that easy.

Next, if you keep a Google Calendar (or any other digital calendar for that matter), you can easily subscribe to your TripIt iCal feed. What does this mean? Flight information (number, airline, date, time, etc.) automatically go to your calendar and subsequently to your portal device (an iPod in my case).

For this trip, using the TripIt app, a map of the city where I’m traveling too was also added. Preeeetty slick. There’s also apparently a Pro account with (from what I gather) will automatically update your itinerary as things change (your flight for instance). Let’s keep our eyes on this one.

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