Google Tasks: How it Stacks Against "Remember The Milk"

While I used to be terribly disorganized, I have made many strides … now I’m just “kind of” disorganized.

I currently use “Remember the Milk” to manage my ToDo list. I’ve tried all kinds of things including “I Want Sandy” in conjunction with “Jott“. There was even a way to Jott (via phone) right to your Google calendar. It was neat, but very buggy.
Edit: Apparently ‘I Want Sandy’ is no more. It’s a good thing I didn’t use that for long.

I digress. I really want Google’s Tasks to be the next greatest thing because I already use Google Calendar with a lot of success … especially since I can now sync over the air with my iPod. Genius.

When you’re logged into your calendar, you can see the toggle link in the top left corner.



I like the way it works and looks. You can even assign multiple lists like you can with Remember the Milk. It also has an “okay” interface when using a mobile device (

If Google Tasks can make some minor adjustments, it would sweep me off my feet.

  1. We need the ability to repeat tasks. (ex. Run back-ups on monthly basis, flip the mattress every since months, etc.)
  2. We need a quicker interface. The web is nice, but I want a database front-end that I’ve grown so accustomed to on a mobile device.

If Remember the Milk allows use of their iPod App without their Pro account – they have me no questions asked. If Google gets their act together though …

Until next time …


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