While reading the May issue of PC World, I came across a great little App called ‘Launchy’ which you can find and download here:

Launchy is like a desktop search … only much, much better. I suspect that it’s like google’s desktop search program. Ever since I read how web browser tool bars (Yahoo, Google, etc.) often include spy/adware, I’ve been reluctant about installing anything from those companies.

Two things make this Launchy application key. The first is how easy it is to switch to it … simply press alt and the space bar and you’re there. No mouse needed … I like that… a LOT.

The second thing is that you can specify which folders you want to index … so if you’re fairly organized, it makes opening files a snap. If I want to update my finances … alt space, ‘FIN’ and it pulls it up. Apps? Instead of start menu and then looking for iTunes, I simply type ‘it’ and iTunes is found. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any faster.

Screen Shot of Launchy


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