Maps and Drives

Basically, I have 3 personally machines here. Ever since the HP started going retarded on me (sorry Ginny =p), I’ve had to rely on the home network a little more than before. With that, I bring you the genius of mapping drives.

For those of you new to the idea, mapping a drive is basically like creating a shortcut to a file, web site, whatever … but it’s in the form of a drive … IE – it gets a letter. As an example, lappie here has C (hard drive), D (DVD-RW), and now Z (shared folder from another computer).

Of course, you could always navigate the shared folders and the such … but why not use a shortcut?

To map a computer/web site/folder, simply do the following:

01. Right click ‘My Computer’
02. Map network drive
03 Browse the folder/site/whatever
04 Pick a letter
05 Click finish.


The My Computer screen showing 2 network drives which are mapped.


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