Portable Apps

If you read my previous blog, here’s another one that I found prior to … portableapps.com – GENIUS!

I have a few businesses on the side. I usually travel with my laptop, but sometimes I don’t. With portable apps, you can install various (free) applications on your thumb drive and use them anywhere you go.

For example, if a web client of mine needs a page edited … bam! Portable Filezilla is there to the rescue. Need to fix an Excel spreadsheet but you’re somewhere without office? BAM! Portable Open Office. What about your POP3 email account? BAM! Portable Thunderbird to the rescue. Other notable apps:

Portable Firefox (and you get to carry your bookmarks with you)
Portable Audacity
Portable VLC (media player)
Portable Gimp (image editor)
Portable ClamWin (Antivirus)


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