The Browser Refresh

This isn’t something that many people will ever need to use, but it’s a good thing to know nonetheless. This was a particularly annoying problem back in the day … it’s mostly gone by the way-side, but you never know.

When confronted with a web page and you want to check to make sure you’re viewing the latest information, the ‘refresh’ button doesn’t always do the trick. The reason being is that the first time you go to a web page, your browser with cache the information. This makes the page(s) load a whole lot faster the next time around. It doesn’t stop there, sometimes your ISP (Internet Service Provide – Verizon, AOL, Comcast, etc.) will do the same thing on their end so that they don’t have to keep making the same requests to the servers over and over again.

So what I have are some keyboard shortcuts that will force your browser to pull the most to date information. For PCs using Internet Explorer and Firefox, hold CTRL and hit F5. AOL users, hold control and click ‘refresh’. Mac users, command R … command F5 used to work, but I’m not sure that it does anymore.


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