Reclaim Your Cell

I recently purchased a ‘Chocolate’ from Verizon. I am very happy with the purch. Initially it was a little counter-intuitive to use, but I really think any phone would be after using the same one for 2 years.

I am all about customizing things … whether it’s my laptop, my iPod, or my cell. It’s important that it becomes ‘mine’. I opted to purchase the ‘Music Essentials’ kit which included a special USB cable to transfer data from my computer.

Here is where the genius begins. I can’t (as far as I could tell) sync the calendar with anything, nor can I get audio clips from my computer and set them as ring tones, alerts, etc. Until I discovered Bitpim. This little app (did I mention that it’s cross-platform … AND free!?!) allows you to retrieve pictures, calendar, messages, etc. from your phone … … and place data back on it!

So NOW (if you’ve read the entry on my gCal) I can put the calendar on my cell instead of on the iPod (should I choose) and now I can have my special alerts and custom ring tones for different people calling. Nothing says “You’ve got a message” like the audio clip of Link (from Zelda) picking up a special item!


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