Real Time Traffic Alerts

I’m considering this Stage 1 in regards to my traffic alert voyage. I’ll probably have it down to an art just before traffic alerts are sent to us … “smartly” … that’s where “Stage 2” will come into play.

I am happy to announce that I’ve come up with a way (if you are in PA, MD, or DC) to receive real time traffic updates via text message at no cost (unless of course your mobile provider charges you for incoming messages).

To get started:

  • Send me an email.
  • You will be required to register your routes on which you would like to receive alerts as well as what conditions warrant an alert. This can be changed at any time.
  • Send me your cell phone number and the name of your service provider.
  • It’s that simple. Your text message alert, after server processing, will look something like this:

    “From Work Route: 4:05PM 03/26/08, FRUITVILLE PIKE at US 30, Accident.”

    At present I’m looking into Yahoo! Pipe options … I would love to be able to generate alerts based on directions recently acquired. But alas, that is Stage 2. Until next time …


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