Coupon Codes

I stumbled upon this little nugget while reading some publications for work. A coupon codes (for online purchases) via web site or internet browser plugin.

I bring you Registered Coupons

I was only able to test some of them … most online vendors want you to either create your account or log into your account before you can get to the coupon code section. I was kind of paranoid about accidentally going through with a purchase, so I stayed away from these.

Of the sites I was able to test (about 5), I found that most codes worked. The big culprit was Vision Direct, but that may have been user error. I didn’t see the expiration dates on the codes that are generated until I hit the last code for the site.

While the plugin lacks some mainstream sites (Best Buy, Circuit City) it did have some obscure ones (Think Geek, Discovery Store). If you’re not interested in installing the plugin to your browser, it’s at least worth bookmarking the site and utilizing it before doing any internet shopping.

Until next time …

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