Virtual PCs Part 2

In March I did a blog about Virtual PC 2007. I’m going to revisit that briefly because there are some updates that I’d like to add to that. For starters, I discovered Virtual Box and had a chance to go at it. It too is free and open source and worth looking into for a variety of VM needs. I really like the idea of having a Linux box of some kind and having a guest OS.

I really like the idea of setting up a machine … doing whatever to it (software speaking), but upon rebooting, it’s back to its good ol’ original self. Case in point, a number of years ago, I became victim to a virus delivered by email. It was one of those that when you open it – BAM! It got me good. I like the idea that – okay, I have a virus … kill the virtual machine without saving the instance, and do again. It’s like getting a chance to reroll the dice in a board game. More than likely, I will never have to use it, but I really like the idea of it.

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