Good-bye to iCal (Not "Romance") – A Google Calendar/iPhone Solution

I’ve been debating on utilizing the active sync for Google calendar and my iPod touch. The big delay for me was that sync only supported 5 calendars … I know what you’re thinking “… you have MORE than 5 calendars???” Well – at any rate, I decided to bite the bullet and give Google’s new iPhone/iPod sync a try despite possible problems.

I’ve been using the sync with my Google Calendars for about 3 weeks now … I LOVE IT!!! The full directions are here:

Click here for the full directions to sync your iPhone/iPod Touch with Google Calendar.

Finally I can enter events on my iPod touch and it updates right away with Google Calendar … well, usually within the first 30 seconds after finding a wireless connection.

While we’re talking iPods … you may recall a previous post where I was evaluating my iPod touch. I said that one thing I was really disappointed in was the lack of bluetooth. Well, if you don’t have an iPod touch, now is the time to get one. Apple has decided to unlock the bluetooth capabilities of the 2nd generation iPod touch. That means the biggie is here … bluetooth stereo headsets.

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