Ubuntu Studio – Eliminate Checksum Error

A friend of mine recently sent me a link for a distribution of linux called Ubuntu Studio … a special flavor of Ubuntu geared towards people that produce media in various forms (audio, video, print, web, etc.).

I checked out the site and decided to give it a whirl as a virtual machine using an application that I previously reviewed, Virtual Box. I encountered 2 major problems.

The first, I kept getting a checksum error whenever I tried to install the application. I downloaded the ISO directly from the site, a mirror, and even using a torrent provided by the US web site. I finally managed to stumble across a “how to”, which was only helpful to the extent that it gave me another avenue to explore.

On my computer, I have a virtual CD/DVD drive courtesy of Magic Disc. I was using this to mount the ISO which I had downloaded. I’ve used this exact method before with Ubuntu, DSL, and even Windows XP and have never had this problem. I was then giving my virtual machine full access to this drive. For whatever reason that was not working … however, when I mounted the ISO from within Virtual Box itself, the problem disappeared and I was able to mount the disc without any problems.

If you are not using VB 2.2.2 – you need to download that. No matter how much RAM I tried to allocate to the virtual machine, it would always hang. Updating to the latest version solved that problem.

I wish I could give a little bit of a review on this distribution of Linux … sadly, my laptop (1.7 gHz Pentium-M, 1G RAM) is not powerful enough to run it as a VM. Perhaps I’ll put it on my tower and we can see how well it runs. That’s it for now. Until next time …


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