RSS Feeds: Feedreader

Ever since I came across RSS feeds (during the podcast explosion of … 2005?), I’ve been trying to find a way that would make them work better for me. This has been a work in progress that is constantly being modified.

About 18 months I started using the RSS feed gadget with my google account. The problem that I had with this was that it wouldn’t tell me if anything had changed since the last time I looked at it and it would kick back errors frequently enough that I started looking elsewhere.

Next was Thunderbird. I figured, I use it for email, why not use it for RSS feeds too. The problem that I had with Thunderbird is that every time an article in my feed was modified, I’d get a new notification. For me, that made me hit the delete button a little too much.

Most recently, I came across Feedreader. It’s a simple, open source feed aggregator that does exactly what I need it to do. It allows me to easily subscribe to feeds and notifies me of new articles at the time that I specify. This is definitely an app worth looking into.

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