Mozy (offsite backup): 2 Years Later

Well, when my subscription with Mozy was up for renewal, I decided to look elsewhere. There were two main driving forces which made this decision easier. The first and most important was their change in policy for unlimited data. Even if I didn’t upload anything new (just continued ‘updating’), my plan would still increase. Secondly, in reevaluating all of my data (including audio and visual production files), I realized that I needed a better solution for offsite backup.

I have to admit, that it isn’t the most elegant solution, but it seems to be working out for the time being. It goes like this (explanation to follow):

  1. Laptop (home directory)->Tower
  2. Laptop (select files)->SugarSync
  3. Laptop (select files)->SkyDrive
  4. Tower (home directory+laptop backup)->External Drive 1
  5. Tower (home directory+laptop backup)->External Drive 2

Between Sugarsync and SkyDrive, I have offsite backups for my most important files which are used on a regular basis. In addition to that, number 4 above is kept local … this is a backup of EVERYthing. Number 5 above I keep at a friend’s house which I update once a month. I should also mention and remind everyone that you shouldn’t trust third party companies to keep your data secured. I’m still using True Crypt for all of my secure needs. Also remember that any of these companies can go belly-up at any point in time. Don’t place all of your eggs in one basket.

My backup solution isn’t the best, but it’s working for me. Until next time…


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