Splashtop OS: What it doesn’t work on

Splashtop OS promises to give the users an ‘instant-on’ experience, much like we have with smart phones. I was excited to finally check this out. It has been on my RTM (to do list) for a few months now, though marked as ‘check this out eventually’.

I decided to give it a whirl on my laptop (HP DV1000) this evening. Now, my laptop has just recently started to show its age (within the past 6+ months). I have a hard time replacing it because:

  1. Unlike any Macbook 3+ years old, my HP from 2005 still holds a charge for like 45 minutes.
  2. I don’t travel frequently anymore.
  3. My tower is still rock solid.

But I digress. While the installer did say that it might not work on my computer, I thought I’d try anyway. Be forewarned, if you are using a machine that is of a similar vintage, instead of getting a welcome screen after the newly created boot menu, you might get this:

Obviously, the solution was to restart into Windows and hunt down the uninstaller. So much for ‘instant-on’.

Until next time …

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