6 Great Google+ features that Facebook missed…

I recently had the fortune of getting a free pass to the Google+ club. Originally, I found that changing some things was a little weird … but that’s because I’m coming from the Facebook camp. It seems like they put a lot of thought into layout and usability. Win! Here are some things that I recently discovered that Facebook should have been all over.

  1. "View Profile As": Yes, you can view your own profile as ANYONE else. Any of your friends, your friend’s friends, even to the public. Brilliant.
  2. pic

  3. Group Management: Now, I know that FB has the ability to separate people into groups, but G+ really makes it simple to add people and move them around your different "circles". Even creating new circles is as easy as pie.
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  5. Integration: Because you probably already have a Google account, this really works well when it comes to integration and continuity. It’s easy to see who the people are in your address book that are already using G+ as well as making it exceptionally easy to invite people without the need for a third party to get involved.
  6. Following: There is a specific group for people that you don’t know, but find interesting. Interesting.
  7. Feeds by Group: You are of course familiar with your wall with your News Feed. G+ takes this a step further by showing you a Stream (ie, News Feed) which can also be broken down by Circles. So if you are having a family gathering this weekend, check your Family Circle (feed) and see what the latest is before you arrive. Friends you haven’t seen in awhile? BAM!
  8. Easy Share Button: Not to be confused with an Easy Bake Oven, up on the right hand side of the screen you have the ability to share a post and immediately choose which Circle(s) get to see your writings.

It will be interesting to see where we go from here. If anyone needs an invite, leave a message here. Spammers need not apply. Until next time …

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