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Virus Protection Not Found (even though it’s installed)

This is a bugger of a problem that isn’t harmful, but just darn annoying. This recently happened to me while I was shifting around some software on my laptop. Fortunately, the solution is quick and easy. Once logged into your … Continue reading

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Slow Computer Syndrome

Common complaints from computer users is that the machine “is soooo slow”. Depending who you talk to, you will get a variety of answers on what to do to improve your experience. There are a number of variables at play … Continue reading

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6 Great Google+ features that Facebook missed…

I recently had the fortune of getting a free pass to the Google+ club. Originally, I found that changing some things was a little weird … but that’s because I’m coming from the Facebook camp. It seems like they put … Continue reading

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Splashtop OS: What it doesn’t work on

Splashtop OS promises to give the users an ‘instant-on’ experience, much like we have with smart phones. I was excited to finally check this out. It has been on my RTM (to do list) for a few months now, though … Continue reading

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Problem: Antares Auto-Tune 4 w/ iLok

Update: While the customer service was helpful and all was restored, remember that if you need to get in touch with Antares, email is your only option. In other news, if Pro Tools is hanging on launch during the plugin … Continue reading

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Mozy (offsite backup): 2 Years Later

Well, when my subscription with Mozy was up for renewal, I decided to look elsewhere. There were two main driving forces which made this decision easier. The first and most important was their change in policy for unlimited data. Even … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Constant Reboot Error

mup.sus error post, a dual boot system is great to have on many levels.  Recently, my Linux box running Ubuntu 10.04 ran into problems booting, sending it into a constant reboot loop.  After doing some research, I learned that the … Continue reading

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Google Alias Email Addresses

Google has just once again made it easier to try and avoid spam … or create filters … or something else depending on your creativity.  Google mail has built in support for alias email addresses.  The beauty of it is … Continue reading

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Dropbox Review

I’ve been using Drop Box for quite a few months now.  It’s simple cloud based storage (ie — storage that exists ‘out there’ … not on your computer) with some nice perks. For starters, it is completely cross platform (Windows, … Continue reading

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Windows Won’t Boot: mup.sys

The other night I walked away from my Windows machine for a brief period of time.  I came back to find that the status indicator on the tower was solid (the computer was busy doing something).  When I went to … Continue reading

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